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Dermalink Technologies Inc. is a Technology and IP development company focused on medical devices, particularly in the area of skin and wound management. Recently, Dermalink has developed a novel anti-biofilm technology platform for application in wound management. Dermalink also offers consulting services to companies that would like to tap into Dermalink's expertise on IP, Material Science, Device Design & Development. Dermalink has successfully developed several products with patent protection for its clients since its inception. The approach is driven by developing solutions to unmet needs and identifying the most efficient and cost-effective path to market. 

Dermalink Technologies Inc. Announces Novel Biofilm Disruption Technology Platform for U.S. Wound Care Market

(Pennington NJ / March 7 2018) – Dermalink Technologies Inc. (Dermalink) is pleased to announce the development of the first of its novel biofilm-disrupting products for the U.S. wound care market. The core ingredient, Lauroyl Arginine Ethylester (LAE), has been available in Europe for several years, where it has rapidly established itself as a proven anti-Biofilm agent in the food and dental markets.

Designed to overcome the limitations and drawbacks of alternative products, Dermalink’s products employ LAE which has demonstrated multiple pathways of biofilm management including reduction of microbial adherence to tissue and dressing materials, disruption of intact Biofilms and anti-quorum forming activity. Disruption of established Biofilms exposes microbes for destruction and elimination by the immune system or established antimicrobials and antiseptics. Reduction of microbial adhesion to wound tissue may result in the inability of planktonic organisms to congregate in sufficient numbers to establish viable biofilm colonies, and inclusion of LAE into surgical dressings prevents contamination of dressings extending their useful wear time up to seven days.

The first of a significant portfolio of LAE products include LAE hydrogel and wound cleanser/infusion solution providing direct support for Biofilm Based Advanced Wound Care, which is becoming the latest protocol for the management of hard to heal acute and chronic wounds, including venous stasis ulcers, diabetic extremity ulcers, and pressure ulcers.

Dermalink is currently seeking commercial partners to champion additional support studies and marketing/distribution channels for the USA and Europe.